Sunday, March 27, 2011

More photos from our Placemaking BBQ

Peter brought a huge tray of buns and cakes

THAT bush!!

The bare brick wall behind the revellers will be painted with a mural by the students of Mayfield East Public School, with financial and other support from the Rotary Club of Newcastle Enterprise

The passion fruit vine, zinnias, late zucchinis and alyssum do well in this bed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Placemaking and Pancake Day

It's been a while since posting - not a lot happening in a garden finishing it's summer days and being re-done for Autumn/Winter. 
Last night was the gathering for our "Placemaking" grant celebration, and the day our big heavy solid parks and garden style picnic set was delivered. We looked around and decided that, nope, where the old flimsy ones stood was still the best place. Later we realised we had been innately primate and picked a "defensive" position - at the top of a slope with a clear view all around and safe walls behind our backs.  Laughed at ourselves but thought that what makes you feel safe is one factor in what makes a place.  
As it was our first birthday at Church Street, Mardi Gras or Pancake Day, and the BBQ for our Placemaking celebration,  we got together with the church members, some Facebook friends and gardeners . We had a very pleasant late afternoon and evening on the lawns. Visitors strolled around our rather empty and tatty beds - Annie was able to pick beans and there are Golden Nuggets still ripening. Oldest guest was Sue O'Neill who went to Sunday School and taught it in the old now-demolished original church building. She had a picture of  her wedding taken on the steps of the "new" 80 year old building.  Young'uns ran around and some a bit older helped with sausage flipping and cutting the cake.  Carol and Minn and others made pancakes with maple syrup and icecream. There we were stuffing our faces while the Weight Watchers meeting took place inside the hall!
The next big project should probably aim at having outdoor cooking  - AKA the BBQ - put into a permanent position so more evenings like last night can happen on a regular basis. How nice would it be to pick our own lettuces and tomatoes and whatever to cook and serve???
Jenny from Newcastle City Council and charged with looking after the Placemaking grants was unable to come because of a recently caught minor infection in her eyes, much to her regret. Pictures and a report will have to make up for it, another time she can drop in and see us.
Sue is on the right watching Annie light the candles in the photo above this one of her wedding.