Monday, January 9, 2012

High Summer and the rain-fall has been wonderful

The sunflowers have their faces turned to the rising sun

Karen playing to us from the stone circle on the star-sprinkled grass

The lack of light from the often-overcast skies has meant that some things have matured or flowered a little later. The amount of rain has been wonderful and we have just emptied the tanks, which promptly got a small top-up from a couple of storms. With three new roll-away hose-reels watering is now easier for anyone, even those who have readily-tired arms.
Annie has been regularly taking some of our excess produce to the Newcastle Farmers Market on the Nourishing Newcastle stall. We loan them our umbrella and sell our stuff and have raised enough to pay for this years insurance. Hail to Annie! and to

March 24th and the Placemaking event - Paul Tibbles from Newcastle City Council Livesites will assist with advice and publicity.!vesites

We have spent some of our Volunteer Equipment grant on enabling (not disability) tools like light, long-handled tools and handles which clip on to standard tools for easier grip. The kit has arrived, minus the hoe which will be delivered as soon as the supplier has received it. is where we bought the tools. We can offer a little more access to anyone who has a physical challenge but would still like to grow things.  Gee! when it comes down to the wire we don't care if people just want to come and chat and doesn't get their knees or hands dirty.