Thursday, September 29, 2011


Just had a phone call from Sharon Grierson's office. We have been successful in getting a Volunteer grant of $1950 which will be used to make our garden more disability friendly. We have only a small area and to be really accessible for  existing and potential members with any level of disability shouldn't be too hard.  
In the meantime, the stones which used to line the roadway have been moved into a circle on the grass. The workmen building the new Commission housing behind the church have been using the water and electricity, so to return the favour they used their machines and made the circle for us. Last Tuesday during Beanstalk trading there was a group of parents standing around the stones chatting and their kids jumping around and over them.

No human children here but a squawking begging magpie chick

Lots of blossom on the citrus trees

Most of the Sweet peas disappear as bunches of flowers for home!