Monday, March 19, 2012

Winner at the Newcastle Regional Show!! -Second that is.

  The first prize winner was an Atlantic Giant  - lots of effort, water, fertiliser and space needed to grow one. We were happy about ours as it will be eaten, and will first have a starring role as  Cinderella's Pumpkin at the Family Fun Day. Guess the weight and win book prizes.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 24th 2012 Family Fun Day

Newcastle Council has funded us for another Place-making event and we are being a bit more ambitious. So far everything is falling into place - now it all depends on the weather, have enough people decided they will come, and no problems on the day. This is strictly Seat-of-the-pants flying.  Planning and extensive promoting can't predict attendance and whether we will we create a warm feeling and an attachment to our space by more people in the Mayfield area?  I had a dream about it the other night and Facebooked a precis.  Lots of people in the garden, a three-seater leather lounge in solitary splendour with nobody sitting on it, an amazing pergola area surrounded by marvellously flowering shrubs, veggies in profusion in the garden beds - and the church building painted green with hippy flowers all over it ???!! What was that about??? Anyway, waking up was a warm, calm feeling so I'm claiming it as a vision not a nightmare - more exclamation marks as follows!!!!!!
One of our big self-seeded pumpkins is an entrant in the Newcastle Regional Show in the Community Garden's section, category Heaviest Pumpkin. Told the people setting up the benches that it was a "Cucurbita composta variety Biggus", meaning we wouldn't have a clue about its parentage. It polished up nicely, lovely green and orange mottled skin, is a very even shape on all axes and should produce a lot of soup and scones. Maybe even it will win - but do we care??  It will be our Cinderella's pumpkin for the 24th.